Fix iPhone Microphone Not Working Issue | Call iPhone Support For Microphone on iPhone Errors

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July 4, 2018
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Apple is one of the most popular American multinational brands that surpass the standards of information technology and electronic appliances. The company has revolutionized the Smartphone industry with their iPhone series. The company has always delivered premium quality device and reliable Smartphone capabilities to the customers with iPhones. However, due to lack of maintenance and wrong configuration, the devices might fail to perform. One of the most common problems you can find is the iPhone microphone not working. You should opt for a tech expert that knows about all aspects of an iPhone.

iPhone microphone not working

Recommended solutions to resolve microphone/audio problems on the iPhone:

1: Perform a series of test on the iPhone’s microphone.

2: Remove any third-party casing or accessories.

3: Perform a soft reset or reboot your iPhone.

4: Properly Set the audio settings.

5: Update iOS to the latest version available.

6: Reset All Settings on your iPhone.


In case the methods mentioned above fail to address your issue, choose technicians who know how Apple’s systems and technologies work. If you are facing any issue while using your iPhone, call us at the Apple support number and reach our tech professionals to avail accurate help in resolving your iPhone worries. We are making your iPhone experience better with our premium quality services.

Troubling microphone errors with iPhone:

There are some reasons our tech professionals found out behind the infamous problem ” microphone not working on iPhone.” They have researched the problem and found out active methods that can resolve the matter instantly. Usually, the microphone error can occur because of some hardware issue. Your iPhone has charging port, headphone jack connector, microphone connector holes, etc. through which moisture can get into the copper connectors. If there is some moisture formed on the connector, it can cause the phone to override the microphone and assume that it is in headphone mode or airplay mode. In such cases, we strictly recommend you not to tamper with the device’s hardware. Any wrong step can lead to serious damage to the device and immobilize it temporarily.

Call us at the Apple iPhone Support and get connected to the tech professionals. They will provide you with adequate methods of resolving iPhone microphone not working Issue. The tech professionals we employ have years of experience in working with Apple products. You need to ask for expert’s hands when it comes to the rescue of your Apple device is answered with our services.

iPhone support

Call the professionals for Apple repairs:

iPhone mic not working? Contact our iPhone Support. We have the record of getting the highest success rate in each of our service calls. There is a new chat support feature if calling is too boring for you. We give accurate solutions to particular problems which will save your time and money. We know how annoying it is when iPhone microphone not working. Call us at the Apple Support number: +1-877-496-4603 and avail premium services at affordable prices. We aim to draw a smile on every customer’s face by providing them with quality solutions. Pick up the phone and dial our number to resolve any iPhone queries.

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