Know How to Activate iPhone Without SIM | Call iPhone Support To Use iPhone Without SIM Card

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July 3, 2018
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July 3, 2018

All of us are aware of the fact that a SIM card is the lifeline of any cellular phone – be it a smartphone, a feature phone or an iPhone. In short, a phone without a SIM card is of no use, no matter how sophisticated and smart it is.


It contains some unique and specific information for it to be identified by users. Without a SIM card, you cannot make calls, messages because you will have no connection at all. But, there are ways to activate iPhone without sim. Call us at our helpline numbers to know the exclusive ways of how to activate iPhone without sim.

activate iPhone without sim

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SIM cards can be of various types – Full SIM, Mini-SIM, Micro SIM, Nano SIM, Embedded SIM. In iPhones, you can mostly use Micro SIMs and Nano SIMs. Our services and our engineers would provide you with the simplest and easiest ways on how to activate iPhone without sim card.


Without a SIM card, the iPhone can function only as a music player. However, you can connect it to Wi-Fi internet connection, and then work on the internet without using a SIM card. We would tell you the exact ways of how to activate iPhone without sim card activation step by step any version with proper technical support and services.


Issues with SIM card?


If your iPhone fails to recognize and read the SIM card then it would send an error notification to you. This might happen due to some related issues and troubles in the device or the SIM card –


  • There can be problems in locating the SIM card.
  • You may face an issue due to improper seating of the SIM card in your device.
  • There can be problems in the iOS version that is being used in your device.
  • The Airplane Mode in your device may cause certain troubles with the SIM card from time to time.
  • The iPhone may have certain hardware problems due to which the errors might appear.
  • The Carrier Settings Update may also be another cause of SIM card troubles in your iPhone.
  • There can also be certain issues in the network and signal connection of the SIM card that is being used.

iPhone Support

Contact us at our iPhone support for immediate help –


We are always ready to provide you with steady and reliable technical support and low-cost customer care service packages so that all types of customers can afford them. Aim to present the most appropriate and useful solutions to all our customers and users within the shortest possible time.


We deliver door to door services by sending a technician to your doorstep to assist you in fixing all your issues and concerns. We are able to take prompt action towards all customer complaints and issues and resolve each one of them with perfect accuracy. In case of any difficulty, contact us at iPhone tech support: +1-877-496-4603 and we would definitely assist you.


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Our team of experts and engineers are always online through the various customer service channels to offer services and technical support whenever you need help. Besides calls, you can also connect to us via messages, emails and live chats to make service requests. We are always at work to find more effective ways to fix all your troubles regarding how to activate iPhone without sim queries and concerns.

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